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Quality of material, quality of engineering, quality of thinking comes with every product we produce. The consequences of part failure can be costly to both profits and potentially human life. Each product has stood the test of time in the most demanding industries, such as automotive and rail. Failure is simply not an option, which is why you have incredible peace of mind when working with us.
Process Description

Lost wax casting is also called as investment casting process.First it needs a mould usually made in steel or aluminum;Second,heating and stress the wax and let it be injected in the mould to come out a wax mould.It is a configuration copy of the later casting product;Third, make several wax mould into tree groups;Fourth,starching and sand coating as circle for about three times;Fivth,air drying after enveloping;Sixth,dewax in the oven of 140-160℃ make cavity shell;Seventh, sintering the cavity shell in the oven of 1000-1200℃;Eighth,pour the melting steel liquid into the carvity shell; Nineth,break shell down for fettling and cleaning,then cutting ingate and shotblasting;Tenth,grinding and heat treatment;eleventh,surface treament and inspection; Last,machining and finishing. 

Lost wax casting chart